A father and son arrested last month on accusations of neglecting several horses at a Seaside-area farm can keep the rest of their animals but must allow police or a veterinarian to regularly check up on their condition.

Bill Maxwell, 49 and Zane Maxwell, 21 were arraigned in Clatsop County Circuit Court Monday on multiple counts of animal abuse. Bill Maxwell was not present, but was represented by his attorney, Donn Bauske of Seaside.

Both men were arrested by Seaside Police April 4 after complaints that several horses at their Small World Farm and Horse Ranch on U.S. Highway 101 south of Seaside were in poor condition. They were booked and released that day.

Seven horses in various stages of neglect, plus two foals, were removed from the ranch and are being cared for by an animal rescue organization.

Both men were charged with five counts of first-degree animal neglect and four counts of second-degree neglect. Their next court appearance was scheduled for June 20.

At Monday's arraignment, Deputy District Attorney Dawn Blazer asked that the Maxwells not be allowed contact with other animals, but Bauske said they would otherwise not be able to care for the other livestock at the ranch, which include donkeys, llamas and other horses. Bauske said there were a total of up to 50 animals at the facility.

In February, police first responded to complaints from citizens driving by the ranch, who reported seeing horses that appeared to be in poor condition. In mid-March, the Maxwells were told to improve conditions or the animals could be seized.


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