Pacific County residents who don't have electricity at the end of the day are in for a dark night.

Long Beach Peninsula households without power at sundown today won't have any electricity tonight, said Denise Rowlett, deputy director of emergency management for Pacific County. As of early today, the county was reporting that 1,800 households in the area were still in the dark.

"We're hoping to have most areas restored today, and the crews will work until dark," Rowlett said. Once daylight is gone, however, work cannot resume until Tuesday, she added.

Power was restored to Ocean Park School early today, but not in time to warm up the building for students and teachers, so classes will not be held today, Rowlett said.

Many Clatsop County residents also spent time over the weekend without power, but by now, everyone should be able to turn on the lights.

Tom Gauntt, public information officer for Pacific Power, said this morning that a transmission line lost power at 4:11 a.m. Sunday, knocking power out for 12,000 of the electricity provider's Clatsop County customers, 9,100 of which were in Astoria. Power was restored to all but 2,600 customers at 7:15.

The remaining customers were affected by smaller outages.

"We did have a number of different outages - all related to wind and trees," Gauntt said. "It was kind of running around, getting all of the smaller outages going. Everyone was back up at 12:34 a.m. today."

In Pacific County, organizations opening a warming/feeding center are encouraged to notify the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency. Residents needing oxygen tanks filled can make arrangements by calling Pacific County Fire District 1 station in Ocean Park (360) 665-4451 or the Long Beach Fire Station (360) 244-9041.

In all, 45 people worked on making repairs, including Pacific Power's local lineman crews and one crew each from Portland and Bend.


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