The following are the latest Pacific County numbers for the 2004 General Election. All are provided by the county elections department and are subject to certification. Numbers and results may change based on absentee ballots.

Federal, President

John Kerry (D) 4,912

George Bush (R) * 3,984

Michael Badnarik (L) 51

John Parker (WW) 5

David Cobb (G) 15

James Harris (SW) 1

Michael Anthony (C) 7

Bill Van Auken (SE) 1

Ralph Nader (I) 97

U.S. Senate

Patty Murray (D) * 5,149

George Nethercott (R) 3,582

J. Mills (L) 120

Mark Wilson (G) 101

Murray re-elected statewide

U.S. House of Representatives, District 3

Brian Baird (D) * 6,166

Thomas Crowson (R) 2,473

Baird re-elected districtwide

State, Governor

Christine Gregoire (D) 4,618

Dino Rossi (R) 4,070

Ruth Bennett (L) 235

Too close to call statewide

Lieutenant governor

Brad Owen (D) * 4,964

Jim Wiess (R) 2,890

Jocelyn Langlois (L) 414

Bern Haggery (G) 156

Owen re-elected statewide

Secretary of state

Sam Reed (R) * 3,832

Laura Ruderman (D) 4,252

Jacqueline Passey (L) 291

Reed re-elected statewide


Mike Murphy (D) * 5,313

Oscar Lewis (R) 2,688

John Sample (L) 316

Murphy re-elected statewide


Brian Sonntag (D) * 5,607

Will Baker (R) 2,473

Jason Bush (L) 276

Sonntag re-elected statewide

Attorney general

Deborah Senn (D) 4,224

Ron McKenna (R) 3,782

Bradley Gibson (L) 208

Paul Richmond (G) 157

McKenna won statewide

Commissioner of public lands

Doug Sutherland (R) * 4,236

Mike Cooper (D) 3,789

Steve Layman (L) 261

Sutherland re-elected statewide

Superintendent of public instruction (NP)

Terry Bergeson * 4,130

Judith Billings 3,059

Bergeson re-elected statewide

Insurance Commissioner

Mike Kreidler (D) * 4,508

John Adams (R) 3,100

Stephen Steele (L) 374

Kreidler re-elected statewide

State Supreme Court (NP), For Position 1

Jim Johnson 3,611

Mary Kay Becker 3,218

Johnson elected statewide

Position 5Barbara Madsen 5,442

Position 6

Richard Sanders 3,758

Terry Sebring 2,550

Sanders relected statewide

State Court of Appeals (NP)

C.C. Bridgewater 5,613

Pacific County, Superior Court Judge (NP)

Joel Penoyar, unopposed 6,484

Legislature, District 19


Mark Doumit (D) 6,443


Brian Hatfield (D) 6,435

Brian Blake (D) 5,993

No GOP candidates filed

Pacific County commission

Jon Kaino (D) * 4,896

Jamie Webber (R) 3,618

Bud Cuffel (D) * 4,731

Rudy DeSwart (R) 3,452

Public Utility District No. 2 board (NP), In District 2

Paul Cole unopposed 5,559

District 3

Ron Hatfield 4,632

KC Brown. 2,146

Statewide ballot measures:(Pacific County numbers only)

Initiative 872, elections for partisan office

Yes 5,682

No 2,922

PASSED statewide

Initiative 884, dedicating more sales tax funds for educational purposes

Yes 2,880

No 5,755

FAILED statewide

Initiative 892, authorizing additional electronic scratch machines

Yes 4,337

No 4,364

FAILED statewide

Referendum 55, charter public schools

Yes 3,024

No 5,419

FAILED statewide

Initiative 297, mixed radioactive and nonradioactive waste

Yes 5,426

No 2,817

PASSED statewide

Key to abbreviations:(D) Democrat

(R) Republican

(L) Libertarian

(WW) Workers World

(G) Green

(SW) Socialist Workers

(C) Constitution

(SE) Socialist Equality

(I) Independent

(NP) Nonpartisan

* incumbent


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