Volunteers are gathering signatures for a petition that would expand Clark County's governing board from three members to five.

Morrie Foutch has lived in Clark County for 39 years. He co-founded the campaign.

He says the group is displeased with what he calls "extremist views" by the Commission's Republican majority, and in particular, Foutch says adding two commissioners will lead to more moderate decision-making.

He says there's evidence of this in the business world.

"In all organizations there's kind of an optimum size of leadership. It might be a board of 20 people, it might be two or three. When that optimum size is reached, decisions are made generally by consensus. We're not seeing that on our commission. It seems that Madore is laying his decision on the table, and if you don't like it, you can go do something else," Foutch says.

A separate effort is under way to elect citizen-volunteers, called freeholders, tasked with examining and rewriting aspects of the county charter.

Since the petitioners hope to make the November 2014 ballot, they have just over a year to gather signatures.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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