LONG BEACH, Wash. — A contested race for Long Beach City Council appears likely to end with incumbent Jerry Phillips retaining his seat against challenger Tom Werner.

The Pacific County Elections Office will count any additional ballots and certify the election later this month. Unlike Oregon, in Washington postmarks do count on late-arriving ballots.

Phillips won Tuesday’s vote count by 199 votes to 161 (about 55 percent to 44 percent).

Phillips handles risk management for the Bank of the Pacific, while Werner is a city planning commissioner with managerial experience at aluminum companies.

Natalie Hanson, an active peninsula volunteer, was elected unopposed for the other Long Beach City Council seat.

In the race for Ilwaco Port Commission, Bob Hamilton took a lead of 489-322 in a race with Steve Newell, who was appointed earlier this year to fill an unexpired term.

In balloting for North Beach Water commissioner, incumbent RD Williams held a relatively narrow lead over challenger Glenn Ripley, 427-391, or 52 to 47 percent.

Incumbent Naselle School Board member Bud Strange retained his seat against challenger Allen Lebovitz, 185-137, or 57 to 42 percent.

With 5,816 ballots counted countywide, voter turnout so far is about 43 percent. Ballots mailed back by voters Monday and Tuesday will arrive at the courthouse in South Bend, Wash., this week and be added to the totals Friday.


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