A combined art show of acrylic paintings by Diane Beeston, local artist, and two new artistic photographers, Peter Gearin and Bill DeWitt opened Saturday night in the Wine Bar of the Hotel Elliott and will continue for a month or two.

Peter Gearin and Bill DeWitt decided to donate all proceeds from the sale of their photographs to the United Way of Clatsop County to be used for storm relief. The individuals buying photographs make their payment directly to the United Way.

Their decision to donate through United Way was spurred by the realization that the organization was flexible enough to provide aid to a wide range of organizations as well as hard-hit individuals. Their donation would be used to help local people who are friends and neighbors, as well as local food banks, the American Red Cross Clatsop Chapter and various other emergency providers and individuals who will need restorative help.

Another outreach, which is under way to help those hurt by the storm, is at the Georgia Pacific Wauna Mill. Leaders at the mill are raising funds dedicated to storm relief.

The company has agreed to match money raised up to $20,000. In addition, they have given out 500 cases of products. This campaign is for the benefit of Clatsop and Columbia Counties and will flow through the United Way.