'What's your opinion of the overturning of Measure 37?'"It's a great law, but voters didn't take into consideration the rapidly increasing population. Overturning the law as it was written is OK, but a new law should be written immediately."Bart Crall

Klickitat, Wash.

"I don't think one judge should be able to overturn the will of the people."Stan Miller


"It seems as though the courts can pretty much do what they want to do. If it's not constitutional, then amend the constitution!"Lynn Chandler


"I don't think the courts should have so much power that they can overthrow the people's wishes."Margie Chandler


"If something is voted in, it is legal. For someone to say it's not legal, No! It is legal if it was voted in. If not, our votes don't mean anything."Nick Vacca

Renton, Wash.