Thursday, May 15

Keepers of the crane

The security company that monitors construction on Austin Hall notified Oregon State Police about two trespassing males. The two males were allegedly climbing the ladder to the large crane. When troopers arrived, they shone a light on the men who came down right away. Both males showed signs of drunkenness. One, who was younger than 21, was cited for minor-in-possession of alcohol. Both were cited for criminal trespass II.

Sniped right back

At approximately 4:25 p.m. someone called Oregon State Police about an orange allegedly thrown from McNary Hall. The orange hit the victim's car as he was driving east on Jefferson Street. The victim positively identified the window and a brief description of the male who threw it. Consequently, one of the residents of the room was cited for disorderly conduct II.

Phantom explosions

A concerned man called Corvallis police about suspicious noises he heard the previous night near Quailwood Drive. The man reported he heard several explosions coming from the northwest. After further investigation, nothing was found and a note was left at a nearby landfill.

Saturday, May 17

The dangerous koalas?

During the morning round, Department of Public Safety officers discovered new graffiti on one of the ramps leading to Reser Stadium. The graffiti read "TDK." Similar reports were observed on the metal box by the railroad at 26th Street and Washington Way and on the western side of the memorial union. There are no known suspects to the cases.

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