An Astoria High School student allegedly phoned Yamhill-Carlton High School on Jan. 4 with a bomb threat, hoping the school would cancel a girls basketball game with Astoria High School scheduled for that day.

His girlfriend plays on the Astoria team, and he didn't want her to travel to Yamhill because of bad weather, said Yamhill Police Chief Gordon Rise, who identified the student as Francisco Baca Velero, 17.

Baca Velero was charged Jan. 7 with disorderly conduct and initiating a police report, both misdemeanors. Rise said his girlfriend knew nothing about the bomb threat.

Rise said police were able to trace the call back to Baca Velero because a school secretary was able to pinpoint its length and the time it came in. She also described the caller's voice. Armed with that information, Rise said a Yamhill County grand jury issued a subpoena for phone records, which yielded the name and address of the phone customer.

Chief Rise and another officer traveled to Astoria and - with the help of Astoria police - located Baca Velero and interviewed him and his girlfriend. Rise also contacted the FBI, which declined to file additional charges.

Greg Engebretson, a Clatsop County Juvenile Department counselor, said Tuesday he has not yet received a report on the incident. He said the District Attorney's office will review the case, after which it could go to juvenile court or be handled through a formal accountability agreement.

The game went ahead as planned.


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