Oregon Public Broadcasting

Tuesday, Portland area authorities kicked-off their biggest emergency preparedness exercise since 2007.

Sloan Chambers / OPB

The three day drill will involve 50 venues and 65 jurisdictions -- from Gresham to Tigard. Kama Simonds is the spokesperson for the drill. She says the exercise simulates a terrorist attack involving a biological weapon -- with a twist.

Simonds says, "If I provide too many details before the conclusion of the exercise then it may tip the hat to some who need to practice that type of response."

At Camp Withycombe, first responders will triage and decontaminate people acting as patients in a mass casualty scenario.

Sloan Chambers / OPB

In Portland, volunteers will set up a tent with radio communication equipment. In Gresham, more than 100 high school students simulating various symptoms will go through triage. And in Tigard, volunteers will practice how to distribute medical countermeasures to the public.

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