After a vote Wednesday Portlanders will face higher water and sewer rates starting July 1.

The Portland City Council voted four to one to increase the rates.

Michael Clapp / OPB

Portland Mayor Charlie Hales

Jim Hagerman of the Bureau of Environmental services says it's about a $3-a-month increase for sewer rates alone.

"The average single monthly bill for a residential customer would go up by about 5.3 percent. From the current $59.57 per month to about $62.74 cents per month."

Water rates will increase by 3.6 percent.

Commissioner Amanda Fritz was alone in voting against the rate increases. She said the bureau is heading in the wrong direction -- focusing on gray concrete sewer infrastructure at the expense of healthy green rivers and watersheds.

The rate increases come as the city faces deep budget cuts.

Mayor Charlie Hales has recommended cutting about 170 positions.

Portland City Council also approved a rate decrease for residential garbage and recycling customers. Beginning July 1, they'll see an average decrease of about one percent on their monthly bills.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.