Portland's Farmers Market is expanding into winter.

The market is planning to set up about forty-five vendors for a Saturday schedule during January and February.

The market's Executive Director is Trudy Toliver. She says vendors will offer winter crops, greenhouse goods, and some prepared foods. The winter site is Shemanski Park -- that's a site the market currently uses for Wednesday operations. Toliver says demand for the expansion is evident.

"We have a lot of shoppers. We have a lot of vendors asking about it as well. We don't exactly know how many people will turn out," Toliver said.

Shoppers will be able to get leafy greens, squash, zucchini, brussel sprouts and cauliflower, and extended season apples and pears. Some farm products like dairy and meat, Toliver says, aren't captive to the season.

Managers are buying a few large tents that shoppers can duck under if it's rainy. The market will observe a two week break in March before resuming its regular spring operations.

A few other Oregon markets keep winter hours, including Lane County, Hillsdale, and Hollywood.

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