A different kind of cruise ship is coming to Astoria next month.

The Portland Spirit will make an excursion to Astoria May 21, staying the weekend to offer lunch and dinner cruises, mooring at the 17th Street dock during its stay.

The Astoria dinner cruises will take place from 7 to 9:30 p.m. May 21 and 22. The cost is $68 for adults or $63 for seniors and children; sightseeing, with no meal, is $38 for all ages.

The Astoria lunch cruise will be from noon to 2 p.m. May 22. The cost is $38 for adults, $33 for seniors and $18 for children. The cost for sightseeing only on the lunch cruise is $28 for adults and seniors and $18 for children.

Passenger boarding is 30 minutes prior to cruise times. All cruises will board from the 17th Street dock. Passengers dine at their own personal table for lunch and dinner.

The Portland Spirit will also offer one-way excursions to and from Astoria. On May 21, the Spirit offers a one-way trip from Portland to Astoria. On May 23, the Spirit will cruise back to Portland on a one-way trip. An Astoria weekend option is also available; for a nominal additional charge, passengers can take a one-way bus ride to Astoria on May 21, spend the weekend in Astoria and return on the one-way trip back to Portland on May 23.

For cruise rates, times and availability, call (800) 224-3901 or log on to (www.portlandspirit.com)


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