Students still needed for driver training courseSpaces are still available for a free advanced driver training course for students May 1 and 2.

The course, a Pacifica Project for four Seaside High School students, includes a classroom session, hands-on training in a wet parking lot and optional autocross competition.

During the classroom session, Oregon State Patrol Senior Trooper Jim Pierce, a regional team reconstructionist, will give a Powerpoint presentation on safety and address the dangers of street racing and excessive highway speeds.

Students will then go out to Pier 1 at the Port of Astoria and receive first-hand instruction from professional drivers on how to safely handle their vehicles in a variety of dangerous situations.

They'll be given the opportunity to lose control of their vehicle in a safe situation, and practice the correct response.

"(The boys) have made it possible for some of the best drivers on the West Coast to come to Astoria and teach your children car control skills that could save their lives," said Steve Newby, parent advisor for the project. "They will be taught skills they can never master on the street, even with years of experience."

There is an autocross competition on Sunday, which will pit street cars and race cars against the clock one at a time.

Anyone is welcome to attend the classroom session. To participate in the hands-on training at the port, individuals must be licensed drivers 16-21. Drivers in Washington and Portland and areas outside Clatsop County are also welcome. Space is limited to 50 participants. The autocross is open to licensed drivers ages 16 to 80-plus, with a maximum of 120 participants.

The deadline has been extended to April 28.

For more information or registration packets call (503) 861-9288.


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