SEASIDE — Willamette Education Service District will manage the project to relocate Seaside’s schools on higher ground east of the city.

The Seaside School Board agreed this week to pay Willamette ESD’s “project solutions group” $25,589 to help the board develop the qualifications needed for an architect, assist in interviews and negotiations with a design firm and develop a construction budget based on the final architectural design.

The project manager also will review reports from a geotechnical engineer who is examining a site on the hills east of Seaside Heights Elementary School. In addition, the manager will assist the district and the design firm in developing an educational program for the new buildings, according to the contract.

The contract with the Willamette ESD runs until June 31.

Seaside Superintendent Doug Dougherty told the board Tuesday night that, as project manager, Willamette ESD also would help the district prepare the paperwork for a bond measure and search for funding through grants and other programs that could be used for the new campus.

Willamette ESD has assisted over 90 school districts in more than $200 million worth of construction projects. Those projects have included new schools, school additions, sports fields, energy savings projects and pre-bond planning.

The Seaside School Board hopes to be able to build a new campus on 50 acres to the hills east of the city and move the district’s current schools out of the tsunami zone. Dougherty is negotiating with Weyerhaeuser Co. for a 60-acre site.

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