The Daily Astorian and are publishing prices of gas at North Coast gas stations. Prices will be accurate as of 9 a.m. the day of publication. Readers are invited to call our gas hot line at (503) 325-4767 and provide the following information: Date and time of call, location and price of regular unleaded (without discounts).


Union 76 (Marine Drive at 31st), $3.72

Union 76 (Marine Drive), $3.74

Chevron (Marine Drive), $3.74

Shell (Marine Drive), $3.74

Texaco (Marine Drive at 17th), $3.74

Safeway, $3.74


Costco, $3.71

Fred Meyer, $3.74

Long Beach, Wash.

Chevron, $3.99

Seaview, Wash.

Texaco, $3.99

Shell, $3.99

Chinook, Wash.

Chinook Store, $4