Where did you grow up?

I pretty much grew up in Seaside.

How long have you been in Seaside?

I have been in Seaside on and off for my whole life. I went through the Seaside school system.

What is your favorite thing about being fire chief?

My favorite thing about being Seaside Fire Chief is the people I work with. For me it is just a fun job when you have such great people around you. The city, the fire department –a we all work so well together.

What is the most recent book you read?

It was a fire officer book.

What do you enjoy most about the north coast?

I love the rain. People think there’s something wrong with me. Also, I love the people here. There’s such great community support. The county is just fun to be part of.

If you weren’t Seaside’s Fire Chief what would you be doing?

I’ve got a criminal justice degree, maybe I would be a law enforcement officer.

What was your first job?

I worked for my dad – he used to own Seaside Agate and Gift Shop in down- town Seaside.