Power outage means Knappa schools are late; most areas back to normalEight hundred Clatsop County residents were without power for two hours this morning after a tree fell into a power line.

"Ice in trees and tree limbs is bringing trees down into power lines," said Jon Coney, spokesman for Pacific Power.

Knappa School District ran two hours late because of the outage.

"All of Brownsmead and a good portion of Knappa was out," Superintendent Rick Pass said.

Power was restored to the school about 8 a.m., along with most other customers.

All other schools in the region reported normal start times as rain cleared snow and ice from the highways.

The National Weather Service reported that today will be windy with more rain tonight with gusts of up to 45 mph then more rain Friday.

About 1,575 residents were without power in Warrenton from 12:49 to 1:20 p.m. Wednesday because a tree broke a breaker. Another outage was recorded in the Cannon Beach area, Sheila Holden reported for Pacific Power. That outage was also caused by tree branches. The power was out from 8:15 to 8:45 p.m.

Statewide, Pacific Power reported that 4,000 of its customers were without power today because of continued freezing rain and inclement weather.

Stayton, Corvallis and Dallas suffered the brunt of the outages, Coney said.

Pacific Power expects to have power restored to most of its customers by tonight.

LORI ASSA - The Daily Astorian

Maintenance worker Larry Ferguson shovels a path through the layer of snow on a sidewalk on Exchange Street Wednesday.Around the region, road conditions were much improved from Wednesday, although road crews still faced the job of clearing away hundreds of trees and limbs brought down by the snow and ice.

Traffic was still reduced to one lane on some rural roads by fallen trees, which had blocked portions of Oregon Highway 202 and Nehalem, Red Bluff and other county roads on Wednesday.

In the Jewell area, county road crews planned to clear away the berms of snow left behind in front of some residents' driveways and mailboxes and push trees and limbs out of the roads.

Submitted photo

Clatsop County road maintenance worker Chuck Early plows Valley Creek Road in the Knappa area Tuesday afternoon.Freezing rain and ice closed the eastbound lane of U.S. Highway 30 near Bradwood Road for about an hour and a half Wednesday morning at around 8:30 a.m. as several drivers lost control on the slick highway.

An Astoria woman slid off the highway in her Chevrolet Cavalier car on a curve and struck a Ford van that had gone off the road earlier and was stuck in snow on the shoulder. OSP reported several other cars slid or spun out in the same area but were able to continue driving.

OSP also reported several semi trucks had to stop and park rather than attempt to drive down the eastbound side of the hill.

Drivers on U.S. Highway 26 should still exercise caution, especially from the David Douglas Summit (Milepost14) east.

The roadway still has patches of ice and drivers are required to carry chains or traction devices on most of the highway.

On Hamlet Road, many trees fell, blocking roadways and knocking out power for almost 20 hours. There is still heavy slush on the road, Hamlet Volunteer Fire Department Fire Chief Bill Boone said.

Farther down Highway 26, from the Quartz Creek Bridge (Milepost 24) on, the road is still covered with packed snow and ice. The Elsie-Vinemaple Fire Department was busy cutting trees that had fallen over driveways and side roads. And Fire Chief Mike Wammack said that side roads are the only things that aren't completely open.

The Cannon Beach hill was open Wednesday and this morning and Fire Marshal Mike Graham reported warming temperatures and rain.


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