Finding your way around rural Clatsop County is now at your fingertips. Clatsop County's Road Guide to the Rural Address System is available online at (

The rural address guide lists county, public and private roads in alphabetical order and gives directions to each street from the nearest state highway. It was prepared by the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office with assistance from Clatsop County Public Works and Planning Department.

Clatsop County's rural addressing program is based on a grid system using dedicated road names. Most roadways running primarily east and west are labeled as "lanes." Most north-south streets are "roads." A "loop" enters and returns to the same street. A "drive" is less than 1,000 feet long. A "court" is a dead-end street.

The guide, initially designed to meet the needs of emergency responders, is useful to anyone looking for a rural address. The guide is also available for purchase from many county departments in printed format and computer diskette.

Any errors in the addressing system or the guide can be reported to the Clatsop County Sheriff's Office at 325-8635 between 8 a.m. and 5 p.m. Monday through Friday so corrections can be made.