SEASIDE - Safeway is getting a facelift.

The store, at 401 S. Roosevelt Drive, is replacing wood ruined by dry rot, said Assistant Manager Derek Sims. Dry rot causes wood to become brittle and crumble to a dry powder.

Contractors who remodeled the adjacent Rite-Aid store found dry rot in the wood there, and suggested to Safeway managers that the same conditions might be found at their store. "They were right," Sims said. "There was lots and lots of dry rot."

Sims said that Safeway's storefront will look exactly the same after the facelift, except "that it will include wood that is not rotted."

He estimated that the facelift should be completed by Sept. 1, and assured customers that there was no danger in walking underneath the scaffolding to enter the store. Both entrances remain open and are marked with white and red signs. Store hours are 6 a.m. to 1 a.m. seven days a week.

Seaside Public Library also repaired dry rot found in the walls. Work was completed Tuesday and included new vinyl windows, which will prevent dry rot from sneaking in again.