The Columbia River Compact, which consists of fishery managers from Oregon and Washington, met Tuesday to review spring chinook stock status. The Compact adopted a non-Indian commercial salmon season for zones 1 through 5 (from below Bonneville Dam to the mouth of the Columbia River) that began at 7 p.m. Tuesday and ran through 7 a.m. today. Another 12-hour season starts at 7 p.m. Thursday to 7 a.m. Friday. Allowable sales include fin-clipped chinook salmon, sturgeon and shad. A maximum of three green or white sturgeon may be possessed or sold by each participating vessel during each calendar week of the open fishing period. Maximum green sturgeon size limit is 60 inches. The three-sturgeon possession and sales limit includes both mainstem and Select Area fisheries.

The Compact also modified the ongoing commercial salmon seasons for Select Area Commercial Fisheries in Zone 74 (Blind Slough/Knappa Slough) and Zone 80 (Deep River) to prohibit retention of nonadipose fin-clipped spring chinook from 7 p.m. Tuesday through midnight Saturday.

The next meeting of the Compact is set for 2 p.m. Monday to review spring chinook stock status and consider additional commercial fishing periods.


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