CANNON BEACH – Cannon Beach will gain a new police chief and Seaside will lose a well liked and well respected police sergeant.

City Manager Rich Mays has selected Jason Schermerhorn, a Seaside Police sergeant, to be the next police chief in Cannon Beach.

Mays picked Schermerhorn out of a field of 40 candidates from across the nation who applied for the position.

“Jason commends respect,” Mays said. “He has very good leadership skills. He has enthusiasm. He is involved in the community and his references were impeccable.”

Schermerhorn’s annual salary will be $80,708. He replaces Gene Haliburton who retired in February. Haliburton had been placed on paid administrative leave since November for undisclosed reasons.

“We have a good police department and good people working here,” said Mays. “But there is some necessary tweaking that needs to take place at the department. We also need to update our policies and procedures. I have faith that Jason will become a great police chief for Cannon Beach.”

Schermerhorn will oversee a department with seven employees. He is expected to take office July 1.

My plan is to be committed to Cannon Beach as long as I can," Schermerhorn said. “I plan to be there for a long time and I am excited for the new opportunity.”

Schermerhorn accepted the Seaside Police position the day he graduated from college 14 years ago. He became a sergeant eight years ago. As a Seaside Police sergeant Schermerhorn makes $69,288.

He believes his Seaside experience will help him become an effective police chief.

“There will definitely be a learning cure,” he said. “But I have a lot of resources in the area to assist me and my experience in managing people and departments in Seaside will help.”

Schermerhorn doesn’t see any major issues as he takes office, but acknowledges there are community challenges in Cannon Beach.

“I don’t see too many issue with crime,” he said. "But code enforcement issues will probably be one of the things we will want to focus on. Issues like what city policies and procedures are in place. I will need to review the polices and codes that need to be enforced. I will work closely with business operators and the community in that effort."

Schermerhorn will also continue his community and emergency and tsunami preparedness work.

Schermerhorn will remain as a volunteer fire fighter with Seaside Fire and Rescue and he plans to join the Cannon Beach Fire Department as a volunteer.

"I also want to continue my community involvement in Seaside and develop that involvement in Cannon Beach," he said.

"I am excited for Jason, said Seaside Police Chief Bob Gross. "Now he gets to do what I have been doing for the last ten years. I wish him the best of luck. I get to continue to work with him and I am certainly more than happy to be available to him in any capacity."

“We certainly will miss him, “said Seaside City Manager Mark Winstanley. "He is an exceptional young officer and he will make a great chief of police in Cannon Beach. We are proud of him and we look forward to working with him in his new capacity.”

Gross said he will wait until the department's busy summer season ends before launching the process to replace Schermerhorn.

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