Seaside classes reopen, CCC to start at noonMost North Coast school districts, including Astoria, Jewell, Knappa and Warrenton-Hammond, closed again today. Side roads around Astoria were still slippery, and outlying areas were difficult to navigate. Officials said they felt it wasn't safe enough to send school buses up the hills.

Seaside, however, was able to reopen.

"There's no ice, and the roads are clear up U.S. Highway 26, Hamlet Route, and 53, so we had school," said Crikette Lovejoy, business manager for the Seaside School District.

Clatsop Community College was scheduled to open at noon.

Schools in Washington including Ocean Beach (Ilwaco) and Naselle districts were closed for the second day because of snow accumulation on rural highways. Roads around Naselle, especially stretches sheltered by trees, were hazardous to drivers because of deep rutted ridges of snow and black ice.

An extra snow day was welcome news to many students.

On Tuesday, the winter storm turned Eighth Street in Astoria into a sledding mecca. After the city cordoned off the steepest part of the hill, between Franklin and Grand avenues, the kids took it over and bombed down the hill on plastic garbage pail lids, in their slick-soled tennis shoes and on wooden sleds with iced-up runners.

For 11-year-old Jacob Davis, who had the day off from John Jacob Astor Elementary School, this is second time he remembers school being canceled for snow.

"When I heard there was going to be a storm, I was hoping it would come," Jacob said.

His brother, 14-year-old Gabe, said school was canceled a couple years ago, but that the snow melted almost overnight.

The supreme luck of a day off because of inclement weather was not lost on Gabe. His first thought when he woke up was, "Yeah! All right!" He then proceeded to go outside with his dog to take full advantage of nature's earlier fury.

"It's pretty good snow," Gabe concluded, his clothing soaked from multiple trips down the hill and the freezing rain that was falling.

Friend Kyle McMullen, 15, agreed.

"With this kind of snow, old-fashioned sleds are the best kind," he said, rocking the red runners of his sled side to side.

When the boys got bored with the straight shot down the hill, they proceeded to pack snow at the base of the hill into a ramp.

"Ugh!" they yelled as they one-by-one went head-first over the bump and had the wind knocked out of them.

The kids weren't the only ones braving the cold for the thrill of speed.

Jo Brown slid down Eighth Street, albeit at a slightly slower pace, but with screams nonetheless.

"Fifty-three and still sledding" she said, hauling her makeshift sled - a blue kiddy pool - back up the hill.

The laughter and shouts of the next sledder echoed around her.


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