The Schooner 12th Street Bistro in downtown Astoria closed its doors to lunch and dinner-goers recently. The restaurant will continue to be open to the public for breakfast. Plans are in the works to fully re-open in time for the Astoria Music Festival in late June.

Chester Trabucco, president and co-owner of the development company that owns the Schooner and the Hotel Elliott, said the closure was necessary to allow for some re-tooling.

"We closed it to regroup to migrate from a fine dining restaurant to one with a simpler, well-prepared menu of recognizable items. Our goal is that all items on the menu will be under $15 with the exception of daily specials."

Trabucco said a re-opened Schooner may include more lounge space, greater intimacy in the dining area, and other changes that will make it more appealing to diners

"We're working with the Myhre Group architectural firm from Portland to expand the ambience that has worked so well in our lounge," Trabucco said.

"It will be more cohesive and thought-out," he added.

"Our bar has always been a happening place," Trabucco said. "Now it's our goal to continue that lively atmosphere in the dining area to make it equally successful."