From Laurie Kautz: "The Cub Scouts of Seaside's Pack 540 and their families helped Oregon celebrate its 150th birthday this Valentine's Day. They spent a couple of hours at the Sunset Beach Trailhead planting 300 trees along the trail as well as native plants in the parking lot's roundabout.

"The tree plant was sponsored by Warrenton Parks and Trails. On hand were 1,200 spruce and hemlock, donated by Weyerhaeuser ... The Scouts and their families had a great time planting the trees and even learned a little about some of the plants in the area. While planting along the trail they kept an eye out for litter that needed to be picked up and disposed of ... It will be a lot of fun for them to return with their families over the years and see how much of a difference they made with a little bit of effort.

"After the pack finished planting their 300 trees, they were treated to cookies and cupcakes, courtesy of Warrenton Parks and Trails. They posed for a few photos, sang 'Happy Birthday' to Oregon and headed for their cars just as it started to rain."

Pictured above, from left, front row: Ethan Phillips, Terry Corbit, Kara Corbit, Casey Corbit, Will Kautz, Connor Davis, Michael Davis and Rebecca Reed.

Back row, from left: Laurie Kautz, Carl Brown, Hunter Kautz, David Kautz, Jocie Corbit, Sean Corbit, Michelle Reed and Ashley Davis. Also pictured, the Corbit family dog, Khyber.


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