"The SEASIDE AQUARIUM (www.seasideaquarium.com) is gearing up for spring break and new specimens are already on display," TIFFANY BOOTHE wrote to the Ear. "Three must-see animals currently on display ... are the elusive and comical LUMPSUCKERS, pictured above bottom left, the multi-legged BASKET STAR (pictured, bottom right), and the 70 pound GIANT PACIFIC OCTOPUS, pictured above top."

Lumpsuckers, the size of a quarter, "use a modified pelvic fin which works as a suction disk to attach to hard surfaces, but when disturbed they hover around aimlessly changing directions like a helicopter," Tiffany said. The basket star has five legs, but looks like it has hundreds, as each leg has multiple branches. The aquarium's Giant Pacific Octopus "was caught locally by a crab fisherman. Currently we have two large male octopuses and one small female octopus on display." The aquarium is open every day from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

"Don't forget to feed the seals!" Tiffany added.