SEASIDE – Garbage rates could jump 11.29 percent in Seaside, 17.76 percent in Cannon Beach, 13.76 percent in Gearhart and 4.57 percent in Astoria July 1 in the latest rate hikes planned by Western Oregon Waste.

Residential, business and contract customers are using smaller and fewer garbage containers, some customers aren’t paying their bills, and overall costs like fuel are increasing, according to WOW officials.

Steven Hinton, the owner-operator of the Seaside Taco Time restaurant registered his concerns about the rate hikes during the Seaside City Council session May 14.

“There is a disconnect in what they are asking for,” said Hinton. “When does it stop? WOW has to find more customers. At some point you just can’t give an increase if the money isn’t there.”

The Seaside City Council has scheduled a workshop with WOW officials to discuss the rate hike June 4 at 6:30 p.m. at Seaside City Hall, 989 Broadway.

Under the City of Seaside’s franchise agreement, it is not unusual for WOW to ask for an increase in rates, but what’s certainly more interesting this time is that this is a larger increase than the city has seen in the past, according to Seaside City Manager Mark Winstanley.

“The Council cares a great deal about the impact of these rates on the public,” Winstanley said. “I am sure they will be asking important questions of WOW to defend why it is that they require that kind of increase.”

Seaside Mayor Don Larson is concerned about the WOW rates.

“Because the dumpster business is down, you and I will have to pay more money for garbage service,” Larson said. “That’s kind of strange. That’s not right. We just can’t make up for that.”

Larson said the purpose of the Council workshop with WOW June 4 is to have the rate increases explained.

"The Council is overwhelmed with this horrendous increase,” he said. “We will be looking at this extremely carefully.”

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