Trips to the beach are popular getaways – but if you can’t get to the beach, you can bring it to your home.


  • Find or make pillows and accents with a nautical or beach theme.
  • Make a beach terrarium with a glass bowl, sand, shells and pieces of coral.
  • Print beach photographs or scan illustrations and frame a set in white wood frames.
  • Create a tablescape with books about the sea, neutral colored candles, and items like sand dollars and shells in a wooden tray.


This antique-look Photo Frame Accent Table is ideal for displaying fun-in-the-sun photos past and present. A whitewashed finish is the natural choice for breezy, beachcomber appeal. You can find more beach-inspired projects like this at


Photo Frame Accent Table

Some experience necessary

Approximate Crafting Time: 3 to 5 hours, plus drying time


Supplies and Tools:

Large picture frame with glass

4 table legs and brackets for attaching to back of frame

L-brackets and screws for securing photo panel to underside of frame

Martha Stewart Crafts acrylic paint: Gray Wolf, Porcelain Doll, Wedding Cake, Linen

White household candle

Sandpaper: course and fine

Foam core board

Linen fabric

Batting or felt

Adhesive or tacky glue


1. Attach hardware to frame for removable legs.

2. Paint legs and frame Gray Wolf; apply 2 coats for good coverage. Let dry.

3. Rub candle onto all areas of frame and legs where a distressed look is desired.

4. Paint 2 coats of a mixture of all the whites onto all surfaces. Let dry.

5. Sand lightly with course sandpaper, then with fine grit sandpaper.

6. Prepare the insert for the frame: Cut foam core to fit into the opening. Cut a layer of batting or felt slightly smaller than the foam core; attach to foam core. Cover all with linen fabric and glue to foam core on the underside, stretching tightly.

7. Attach various photos to the linen, with your choice of adhesive. Attach to the underside of the frame, using L-brackets and short screws, inserting the glass first.

8. Attach legs.


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