SEASIDE - If there's one goal the Seaside City Council wants to achieve this year, it's better communication with the community.

That goal is the No. 1 priority listed among many goals listed by the council during a retreat last month.

The goals range from immediate priority to a five-year "vision" and include transportation, highway flooding and improvements to the sewer and water systems.

"Of all the goal-setting sessions I've been in through my career, this is probably the best one we've ever had. I felt very, very good about it," said Mayor Don Larson during a City Council meeting Monday night.

The goals also include items discussed by the city's department heads, who made five-minute presentations during the goal-setting session. The council spent a Friday night and all day Saturday developing its list with a professional facilitator.

Goals achieving the city's highest attention will be:

? A plan to modernize, repair and maintain sewer and storm systems;

? A review of zoning to enhance livability and "strengthen the beach feel";

? A transportation systems plan; and

? Development of emergency plans and procedures.

While talking about reviewing the city's zoning and enhancing the "beach feel," Larson said the city doesn't "anticipate a five-story structure every block along the Prom, for example."

Creating a transportation systems plan will be a long process, Larson added, and the council wants more public participation. Several transportation design meetings have already been conducted with state and county transportation officials and more are planned this spring and summer.

The city already is working with county emergency planners to prepare for citywide and county disasters, Larson said.

Other goals listed by the council include:

? Help the Seaside School District and Seaside Providence Hospital find new sites out of the tsunami zone;

? Lobby the state about flooding on U.S. Highway 101;

? Develop an archway over Broadway;

? Increase the availability of doggie cleanup bags;

? Improve safety at Seaside High School by making changes in the flashing light that warns oncoming traffic;

? "Make problems pay for themselves."

In five years, the council hopes to:

? Implement zone changes;

? Expand the mill pond;

? Improve wastewater treatment;

? Expand the convention center;

? Develop a plan for a highway bypass;

? Establish a funding source to protect the beach.