SEASIDE - The Seaside City Council and Clatsop County Commissioners are in agreement regarding the new Seaside library.

Monday night, the City Council voted unanimously to accept the real estate deal negotiated by city and county staff for a parcel of land to locate the new library upon. Wednesday, the county commissioners voted 3-1 to accept the proposal.

"It finally wraps up the deal to get the land," said Councilor Gary Diebolt.

The parcel is 100 feet by 100 feet and located between Broadway and Avenue A, between the Bob Chisholm Community Center and the Sunset Empire Park and Recreation District facilities. The city of Seaside will purchase the parcel for $184,000 minus $36,800 for the relocation of the Boy Scout house onto county property near the Girl Scout house.

"We're very happy to be nearing the end of the property acquisition phase and getting to the building phase," said City Manager Mark Winstanley. "The city has been looking at building a library for about 10 years."

According to Winstanley, the city has been actively involved in negotiations for the chosen site for nearly a year. Leaders' first focus was to arrange a deal with two private land-owners then turn their attention to the piece owned by the county.

"We felt that if we couldn't come to an agreement with one or both of the private land-owners we would have to choose a different site," said Winstanley.

With the land nailed down, the library will be able to move forward at a quicker pace. The project includes a much larger library with more study tables, computers, offices for staff and a children's reading area, among other amenities.

"I think the deal is a win-win situation for everyone," said Councilman Dave Moore. "We'll be able to build the new library and I think anything that helps the city also helps the county."

In other action:

? The City Council approved a solid waste rate increase based on the cost of living index. The 3.2-percent increase will take effect July 1. Solid waste pick-up rates will increase between 37 cents and $18.80 depending upon the type of service requested. The rates most applicable to residential areas will increase between 37 cents for a single weekly can curbside pick-up and $1.10 for a weekly three-can curbside pick-up.

? An amendment to the taxicab ordinance was passed to allow rickshaws to share the road this summer. At the last City Council meeting, Kevin Poole provided informational materials to the council and asked for the amendment.

? Liquor licenses were awarded to the Happy Clam at 600 Broadway No. 8, Seaside and the Seaside Inn at 581 S. Prom, Seaside.

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