SEASIDE — Seaside’s lifeguards will get a boost this year and next thanks to changes the Seaside City Council made Tuesday to a 4-year-old property sale agreement.

The council unanimously approved an addendum to the agreement that sold the old library building at 60 N. Roosevelt St. to Cleanline Surf Co.

In 2009, the company agreed in the terms of the sale to provide donations of cash, equipment and merchandise over a period of five years to be used specifically for the city’s lifeguard program. In total, the agreement was worth $100,000.

The approved addendum allows Fire and Rescue to cash out the equipment and merchandise portion of the agreement over the next two years for 60 percent of its value.

The original agreement provided costs at retail prices. The 60 percent cash-out reflects the wholesale cost of the equipment donated by Cleanline.

Seaside Fire and Rescue Captain Dave Rankin said over the prior three years they had been able to use the equipment donations, but that eventually they had too much equipment.

“It got to the point where we did not need that type of equipment,” Rankin said. “We are looking to get the lifeguard program back on track … some of the things that they are looking to utilize like the rescue tubes, radios, a lot more rescue-oriented, lifeguard-oriented stuff, Cleanline does not have the ability to open new vendors just to get small items for us.”

He said he has already been in touch with vendors and would be able to secure the needed equipment at wholesale prices.

“If we get a big purchase now, what is left (of the contract) in the fourth and final year, we can maintain and replace what fails,” Rankin said.

Seaside Fire Chief Joey Daniels also presented to council an agreement for inter-county mutual aid and emergency assistance with agencies in Clatsop and neighboring Washington County.

Daniels told the council the agreement allowed the city to seek support from outside agencies in the event local equipment and personnel are not able to adequately respond to fires or other emergencies.

The cost of the agreement, Daniels said, is reciprocal. The agency sending the equipment bears the cost.

“It is no different than if we send resources to Astoria,” Daniels said.

The council unanimously approved the agreement.

In other business, the council recommended the approval of a liquor license application for the Circle Creek RV Park and Campground.

The Council held public hearings on two ordinances:

• Ordinance 2013-02 renewing the “Downtown Maintenance District.”

• Ordinance 2013-03 declaring the costs of road and drainage improvements in the Venice Park subdivision.


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