SEASIDE - The Evergreen Masonic Lodge in Seaside held its 15th annual scholastic achievement awards May 23. Under the direction of Master Eldon J. Wright Sr., certificates of recognition were presented to juniors and seniors at Seaside High School who have attained a 3.50 or better grade point average.

Juniors receiving certificates were: McKenzie Bauske, Chloe Beaudoin, Jennifer Bletscher, Briana Bruijin, Jaclyn Cartwright, Brittney Cave, Laura Coddington, Randie Falleur, Simone Giess, Chelsea Johnson, Eileen Lamontangne, Alicia Newby, Paloma Newcombe, Marla Olstedt, Jessica Osburn, Matthew Peinhardt, Travis Podoll, Bridget Robinson, Cela Sibley and Linda Villasenor.

Seniors receiving certificates were: Anders Benson, Camille Brady, Ann Branson, Ellen Cochran, Samantha Conklin, Heaven Cook, Daniel Copenhaver, Mitchal Degandi, Joseph DeNotta, Patricia Doyle, Timothy Gunn, Andrew Jobe, Melissa Kennedy, Ross Knutsen, Justin Krieger, Selah Meyer, Dennis Olstedt, Nathan Overholser, Cassandra Pappas, Tessa Pfund, Brittney Rekate, Manuel Rivera, Blake Sumner, Mark Thysell, Kai Watts, Rebecca Weaver, Sarah Weber, Skyler Wells and Joshua Zillner.

The lodge also presented two $500 scholarships to graduating seniors Ellen Cochran and Joseph DeNotta.


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