SCAPPOOSE — State Sen. Betsy Johnson suffered a fractured pelvis in a traffic accident Monday and will require surgery.

Johnson, 62, had just left her home in Scappoose, driving her Chevy Trail Blazer to Salem where she had planned to carry a bill in the Oregon Legislature. She was in a low-impact collision with an Audi and was transported by ambulance to Oregon Health Science University.

Speaking from the hospital at lunchtime Monday while waiting for a scan, Johnson said her air bags did not deploy.

“I tried to get out to help the other driver and realized I could no put any weight on my leg,” Johnson said.

Johnson’s official Facebook page says she will undergo surgery Wednesday.

“Currently, there is no estimate on when she will be able to return to her State Senate duties,” a posting on the page reads. And while emails and messages are appreciated, Johnson has respectfully requested no flowers be delivered because ethics rules require her to report any gift worth more than $50.

Flowers don’t typically come with price tags, the posting adds, and it would make it an impossible task to estimate the cost of each bouquet.

Any additional updates on the State Senator’s condition will be posted at www.