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We've spent much of this election season hearing from candidates for Mayor of Portland about what they would do if elected. These past few weeks, we turned to voters and sources in our Public Insight Network. In a series called "If I were mayor ..." we asked Portland residents about their top priorities for the city.

We've been airing reponses for the past few weeks on the radio. Here are a few facorite audio and text excerpts from the series.

Click the audio link above to hear Ryan Mclaughlin's vision.

" ... I would make Portland Public Schools the best school system in the country."

-Jered Bogli

Click the audio link above to hear Kim Martin's vision.

Click the audio link above to hear Lena Wright's vision.

" ... I would work to integrate Portland's character with the 22nd Century requirement of jobs and products to meet a diversifying world. Portland is well poised to create home-grown industries that have global appeal, and will proper whole communities.."

-Damon Coffman

Click the audio link above to hear David Reimer's vision.

" ... I would invest in huge fans to blow the summer marine layer up to Vancouver.I want sunshine during the three months of summer we may be lucky enough to experience in the uppper Willamette Valley."

-Brad Garber

Click the audio link above to hear I.G. Frederick's vision.

" ... I would work on Portland's aging infrastructure and pave unpaven streets."

-Willard Freeman

Click the audio link above to hear Jarrel Townsend's vision.

Click the audio link above to hear Shawn Busse's vision.

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