Increased enrollment caused some teachers to be shifted among Astoria's elementary schools this week.

Julia Mabry said she considered homeschooling or moving her daughter Josefine, who started first grade in a class with 35 students at Lewis and Clark Elementary. The school's enrollment spiked in first grade. The district shifted a teacher from John Jacob Astor Elementary, where enrollment has decreased in kindergarten.

Last year, Josefine's kindergarten class had 18 children. Mabry, who grew up in Germany, said typical class size was about 28 children. One year, 30 in a class elicited parent complaints. In a critical year when her daughter is learning to read, Mabry said 35 was too much.

Her daughter didn't notice the class size, but did notice the other students.

"She complained about a little boy sitting next to her and was bugging her," Mabry said.

Astoria High School also reported a peak in enrollment. Numbers in the district typically decrease as the year progresses. Administrators pay close attention to enrollment, which is tied to funding.

Jewell, Knappa and Seaside also reported enrollments above normal for the beginning of the year. Knappa High School has about a dozen new students. Jewell and Seaside are seeing the increases districtwide. Warrenton-Hammond's district enrollment remained constant, but the high school's ninth grade grew from the expected 72 students to 97.

In other news, at Thursday's meeting: Astoria School Board approved an advisory board to supervise a charter school set to open at Tongue Point Job Corps early in 2004.

The board approved changes to the calendar for teachers to align curriculum and work in teams at each grade level. School will start two hours late Nov. 6 and Dec. 4, and students will be released two hours early on Feb. 26 and March 11.

Students will still start two hours late as planned Jan 13 and 15.


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