ShoreBank Pacific, an FDIC-insured bank committed to the sustainability of industries indigenous to the Pacific Northwest, announced the launch of its first consumer credit card, the Salmon Nation Visa.

The new Visa will support the Salmon Nation initiative of Portland-based Ecotrust, a nonprofit organization promoting the interdependency of regional economic and ecological systems. Launched last fall, Salmon Nation is raising awareness of issues and behavioral choices that contribute to enhancing the health of regional watersheds and the economies of the people that live in them. More than 3,500 people have declared their Salmon Nation citizenship to date.

Vibrant red with the Salmon Nation insignia, the new Visa credit card features a low 12.9 percent variable annual percentage rate and no annual fee. The bank will contribute 50 percent of the income it generates from the card to Ecotrust's efforts to build and promote Salmon Nation.

Activities already under way include campaigns to encourage consumers to purchase wild salmon and buy locally produced foods."

Consumers interested in applying for the Salmon Nation Visa credit card can obtain applications at ShoreBank Pacific's offices in Portland, Olympia, Wash., and Ilwaco, Wash., or download a form from its Web site (

"As a bank our goal is to help our local communities thrive and build stable, long-term economic bases," said David Williams, president of ShoreBank Pacific. "The Salmon Nation Visa not only responds to our customers' interest in flexible credit tools, it's a way for them to make a socially responsible impact on our communities."


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