SEASIDE - U.S. Representative Aaron Schock, an Illinois Republican, will deliver a key note address to the annual Dorchester Conference to be held at the Seaside Civic and Convention Center March 2 – 4.

Schock, 30, is the youngest member of the U.S. Congress. The Seaside Signal spoke with Rep. Schock earlier this week.

SIGNAL: What will you tell those attending the conference during your speech?

Tried and true Republican principles are exactly what our nation needs now to get out of this prolonged recession and out of the mountain of debt that is an obstacle to job creation and prosperity.

It's long been said that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing while expecting different results. F.D.R.'s Treasury Secretary Henry Morganthau said that after a decade of trying to spend our way out of the great depression in the 1930's that spending didn't work and only left us with a "pile of debt."

Contrast that with President Reagan who led our nation out of another of the most severe recessions by creating economic growth through increasing the rewards for work, saving, entrepreneurial risk-taking and excellence. He cut taxes and passed the biggest budget cut in our nation's history at the time. He increased the supply of goods and services available for each dollar to chase and that cured inflation.

But here we are three decades later and President Obama is trying to spend our way out of recession, and not only failing in that regard but also putting our country in unsustainable debt that could consume us as much as it has Greece.

The stakes are high in this election and it's up to each one of us to work as hard as we can in this election because while all elections have consequences, this one is really going to guide our future like never before.

SIGNAL: What would you want those attending the conference to take away from your presentation?

That if we want a prosperous United States of America with the level of freedom our citizens have had in the past that we need to organize and work harder than ever in this election.

SIGNAL: What role will Oregon play in the next Presidential election?

Certainly in the last 20 years Oregon has been categorized as having a decidedly liberal or Democrat tilt in presidential elections. Republicans have ignored it and Democrats have taken it for granted. But nothing is written in stone and patterns can be up ended. For instance remember that Scott Brown won the Massachusetts Senate seat previously held by Ted Kennedy.

I say this--if Oregon Republicans can carry Oregon for the Republican Presidential Nominee, there is virtually no way Barack Obama can be re-elected as our President. That is the power you have if you avail yourself of it.

SIGNAL: What should North Coast Republicans be doing now to help achieve the changes you see necessary for the United States?

Aside from working for our party's presidential nominee, you must nominate principled nominees for office with broad popular appeal--especially for U.S. House and Senate. Then the party must unite around those nominees and you need to take this campaign to every Oregonian, regardless of race, ethnicity or any other demographic.

Send us a Republican Senator again, send us one or two more Republican U.S. Representatives and you will make a world of difference in Congress. And realize this in doing so--what the U.S. Congress does or doesn't do affects every American and millions of people worldwide, for better or worse. I will tell them to be leaders and assert your democratic rights to organize and vote.