ASTORIA — Do you crave fresh seafood? What if you just had to pick up a cooler of delicious, local seafood every Friday at one of your favorite grocery stores?

Skipanon Brand Seafood now offers membership to the “Fish Friday Club.” The program is modeled after the farmer’s Community-Supported Agriculture (CSA) Box.

Skipanon Brand Seafood worked with Kristin Albrecht, with the Oregon State University Extension Office, to create a model for fresh seafood. The local seafood company partnered with the Astoria Co-Op as a delivery and pick-up location for the Fish Friday Club members.

Membership is similarly priced to the CSA Box and for as low as $20 a week, Skipanon Brand Seafood supplies a cooler of fresh seafood every Friday that’s available for pick-up at the Astoria Co-Op from 1 to 8 p.m.

Support from Fish Friday Club members is a direct contribution to a local family owned and operated business. Skipanon Brand Seafood, home of Oregon Ocean Seafood, began 33 years ago with Norman and Judy Kujala. Today, their son Mark owns and operates the cannery. Their other son, Paul, is owner and captain of the Cape Windy fishing vessel. The cannery, located in Warrenton, employs up to 10 people during the year.

Skipanon Brand Seafood has been owned and operated by the Kujala Family since 1978. Their canned seafood can be found at many small businesses in Clatsop County, and its fresh seafood can be found at the Astoria Sunday Market.

Learn more at, or call 503-861-8277.

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