For you horse fans out there, Stephanie Ansley of the Primary Elements Gallery in Cannon Beach wrote in about a cutting horse named Drag-n-fly that has been immortalized in a sculpture by Greg Congleton that was commissioned by the horse's owners, Nike founder Phil Knight, and his wife, Penny Knight.

The story is that the horse is named after the delicate but speedy insect (he is a small horse) and is called Drago for short. He was born five years ago in Sisters, and from early on showed an unusual devotion to his owners and his trainer, Wes Chapell. Though a working horse, he is so valuable in other respects for breeding and show that he is considered exceptional and has become one of the family.

During a Nov. 6, 2006, demonstration at the Primary Elements gallery in Cannon Beach for the Stormy Weather Arts Festival, a limited edition of Congleton's sculpture of Drago, "Western Swing," was unveiled and introduced at a pre-publication price. Seaside resident and former Texas "cowboy" Marvin Goddard purchased No. 1 in the series after watching the detailed demonstration and seeing the pictures of the new release.

Congleton's life-sized bronze statue version of "Western Swing" was donated to the city of Redmond by the Knights, and was installed Oct. 17.