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Only twenty-two percent of Oregon voters have turned in their primary election ballots. Secretary of State Kate Brown predicts a final turnout in the low forty percent range.

Andrea Cantu-Schomus is the Director of Communications for the Secretary of State. She says that these numbers are similar to Oregon's primary two years ago.

She explained, "When there are races where people may be torn or just feel like they may need more time they can tend to hold on to their ballots longer. Although we are predicting the low 40s, we would love Oregonians to prove us wrong and turn out tomorrow and be huge."

Cantu-Schomus says the turnout numbers are low for Oregon, but high in comparison to the rest of the nation. Primary ballots can no longer be mailed in. Ballots must be dropped at an official drop box by Tuesday by 8 p.m. Voters can use Oregon votes dot org to find a local drop box.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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