A Republican state senator and Oregon's largest teachers' union are asking lawmakers to consider revisiting how state leaders have changed the oversight of education.

A senate committee heard testimony Thursday on bills aimed to change the system Governor John Kitzhaber guided through the legislature, two years ago.

Roseburg-area senator, Jeff Kruse says the new education investment board hasn't delivered the seamless governance it promised.

"What I've seen so far is the creation of more bureaucracy," Kruse said. "I just think we're moving in the wrong direction. The reason I'm bringing this forward now is everybody hates change. We're making massive change right now, so the question is 'are we making change in the right direction?'."

Kruse's plan is to provide voters with a choice: the current direction, or his alternative: an 11-member State Board of Education to replace other state-level boards for kindergarten through college.

Lindsey Capps with the Oregon Education Association supported Kruse's bills. Capps appreciated that the proposed state board would have spots for classroom educators.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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