Lynn Jackson, principal of Astoria High School, said that in a society that has become increasingly critical of its youth, there are many doing some amazing things. Near the beginning of Wednesday’s Astoria School Board meeting, he helped highlight several.

Rachel Speakman and Chantal Simmons are painting a large landscape mural on a stairwell wall at AHS depicting Saddle Mountain and surrounding hills, the Youngs Bay delta and horses. Speakman wants to make a living as an artist, and Simmons will study to become an architect.

Helen Tikkala and Randall Olson presented on volumes of revolution, a subject they’re learning in a dual high school- and college-credit calculus course with CCC instructor Rich Beverage. Tikkala will attend the University of Portland majoring in finance, and Olson wants to earn a master’s in aerospace and become an engineer.

Lauren Anderson, a student flutist who has been ranked fourth best in the state, played a section of her flute solo; she heads to the state competition in May. She plans to attend Pacific University, playing in the wind ensemble orchestra.

In other news:

• The school board voted to support the Strong Schools, Strong State campaign (http://strongschools lobbying the Oregon Legislature for more educational funding.

• It held the second reading of the proposed Community-Funded Programs/Activites policy, would would create rules around requests to reinstate programs and activities reduced, suspended or discontinued by the district.

• Abby Johnson, an AHS student representative, reported that for the first time, the AHS choir program earned the top spot in the Cowapa League. The AHS prom, she said, recently found out it couldn’t use the Red Building, which is closing to public gatherings, and has since moved to the Paulson Pavilion in the Liberty Theater. It’s scheduled for May 4.

• Teacher appreciation week is May 6 through 10. Dursse read a proclamation, and all the board members thanked teachers for their service and will plan some sort of gift.


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