Students in DEBBIE TWOMBLY'S SIXTH GRADE SCIENCE AND SOCIAL STUDIES CLASS, pictured above, top, at Hilda Lahti School commemorated Earth Day 2010 by working on the school's nature trails, which can be slippery, and needed some clearing before younger students would be able to use them.

"This energetic and generous group of students spent two class sessions picking up trash, clearing trails and graveling the trail that will be most accessible to the youngest students," Ms. Twombly said. "Gravel was shoveled into wheelbarrows, carried by bucketsful and spread to make the trail a safer place to learn."

Pictured above, bottom, from left, AUSTIN OGIER, LIAM CORCORAN and ANDREW BALCOM work with a wheelbarrow. At right, HEATHER BALLARD and MEISHA BOETTCHER haul a heavy bucket of gravel.

"Native plants were pointed out, and care was taken to recognize and protect them as the young workers toiled out of doors instead of behind desks for the morning," she explained. "Throughout the rest of the school year, this class will be working with Jeff Skirvin's high school forestry class to improve and maintain the trail."

Ms. Twombly reported that the students took a lot of pride in their work while having fun. "It was really a great day, and I left feeling really good about working with the kids."


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