Daily Drizzle # 4

The arcane pleasure of mathematical madness.. SUDOKU..

Well there I was just mindin' my own business "settled in" as it were..comfortable. Then one day I open my favorite local rag looking for my crossword puzzle ..and...???? Whats this I see near my "comfortable" crossword puzzle... SUDOKU.. wow..wazzat?? weird.. gotta try it!!!

Now several weeks later ..

Then: "...umm well I do crossword puzzles with a pen and I enjoyed those immensely."

Now: "I do SUDOKU puzzles with a pen.. and ONLY do SUDOKU puzzles and occasionally I enjoy them!!"

After 45 years I'm apparently cured of that nasty Crossword Puzzle habit..and hooked on my new shiny Sudoku habit! Now, I guess that there apparently isn't room enough in my busy schedule to do both. But why the sudden change? WELL I LOVE logic puzzles and these Sudoku puzzles are pure logic. Also today's crossword puzzles are changing with the changing times and words that had meaning in my time don't have the same importance now.

Logic never really changes though. That's what Sudoku puzzles are about ..LOGIC.

I suppose as an artist I like the sparseness of the Sudoku puzzles. That said both crossword puzzles and sudoku puzzles are built on grids. Both involve carefully fitted together "pattern pieces" that work within the grand grid pattern. The difference is that with the Sudoku the logic blocks and their assemblage could support hundreds of different meanings. For example if you substituted musical notes for the numbers 1 - 9 and then using a "solved" sudoku puzzle, you started to substitute the musical notes for the numbers.. wow.. quite an interesting contstruct indeed. Especially if you "weighted" the spaces where the numbers "lived" in the construct, with musical concepts such as timing, tone etc., and then by "shaping" those squares into another pattern by applying these and other musical adjustments.

Hmm, I'm very visual so I see it as a sudoku puzzle with (for example) the image of Beethoven overlaying the grid. The overlay would modify the pure note substitutions for the numbers like a filter by applying musical concepts according to these shaped patterns or whatever.. almost like a painting made of music. If then the whole thing were loaded into a music synthesizer along with 1 or 2 other sudokus similarly modified than the whole construct and the interactions between the puzzles (and their musical modifications), might be extended to a whole new form of logical musical work, which could be shown easily mathematically and certainly heard as a musical work...Hmm I like the idea. Not sure why but I do.

Wow was that boring! I can do what is suggested above.. but having to explain it takes the fun out of it. Needless to say if you do Sudoku puzzles you probably would understand my musings.

Now (having totally lost my readers) on to other..perhaps more interesting things.

Why is it that the town of Seaside doesn't have and or support any craft fairs, art fairs, pet fairs, antique fairs, book fairs etc etc?? Is it the parking? or the lack of interest? Is there no "funkiness" in the city council people. Wow there could be so many interesting and complex gatherings that might really extend the profile of the city. It's sort of interesting to me that we see Astoria and Cannon Beach as communities that are bubbling with creativity but.. Seaside seems to be sort of "pedestrian" in its approach to cultural events..

We live in a town that has some wonderful shops but there is no cohesive attempt to attract visitors to our area rather than the occasional concert. Perhaps all of these other things have been tried. I don't know.. but personally I would like to see all of the small businesses doing more business because of the many visitors fairs and events would bring. What about celebrating our perceived liability with a Rain Festival? A Garden Fair? Spring Concert Series.. some fun things are being missed I believed. Also we really need a town square. That convention center is dismal. There is no chance for people to interact with other people .. there is no PAGEANTRY .. there is no creativity ..it's just $5 at the door please and enjoy the gray walls and sales pitches.

Ok that should get me banned from future meetings of the Seaside booster club.

The closest thing we have to a real festival is a bunch of nice old cars. Well that's fun of course, but the range of tastes in the world is much wider than that.

Thank goodness Spring is here; I need to get out more..obviously.. Leonard K