Today DH called me and said, "THEY'RE BACK!" It was the pelicans that we enjoyed so much in past years when we would go sit at the Cove to watch the surfers and whatever else we could see. He saw five in a row at first and then this afternoon, even more lumbering along the surfline. I just think it's COOL that they showed up on June 1st ushering in our summer in a grand majestic way.

It's been sunny down in Cannon Beach the last few days whilst Seaside has had the romantic what I like to call, "San Francisco" weather. (Although it did clear up this afternoon, albeit a bit on the chilly side.) DH already has his strange "I wear a bike helmet all day" tan going which will soon be hidden as he lays out in the sun when he's off duty despite my dire warnings of MELANOMA! He swears that his Mediterranian blood keeps him safe and that he actually NEEDS the sun more than us non-Meds. (He is a Cannon Beach Information Aide w/bicycle)

Yes, dear CB'ers (locals) it's time to find those less convenient parking spots in the summer that won't get you a ticket. DH says to just ask him and the other aides and they can tell you the spaces available...that's what they're there for and they love to help even locals. :o) *grin*

On the other hand, our DD (Dear Daughter) has been trying various ways to stay cool up Portland way...first they tried a's great because the BIG CITY has theaters for mom's and kiddoes to go so Dominic can even run around if he wants to...Hey, he's two! Then today the new spray park or whatever you call it opened in Oregon City and I'm sure I will hear all about it soon on one of our famous marathon phone calls.

How is YOUR summer shaping up? I'd love to hear.

UPDATE UPDATE: Talked to DD today (Sat) and I asked her how the new Spray Park was. She said there were about 100 kids there and Dominic kept saying, "I'm scared, I'm scared.." until Daddy showed up and then he felt a little more protected I guess. Still he didn't like getting wet all that much, saying he was cold.. I think he must take after his mum a bit..Anyway, I'm sure he will grow to like the park as soon as they go on a day when they have it mostly to themselves. Now if Oregon City would just get some good restaurants. hmpff


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