SEASIDE - Women catching waves with other women. That is the goal of the second annual Women's Community Surf Day Saturday.

There are two sessions scheduled for the free event - a morning session for teenage girls begins at 9 a.m., and an afternoon session for women of all ages begins at 1:30 p.m. Those interested in attending should arrive 15 minutes early.

"It was a great event last year," said Lexie Hallahan director of Northwest Women's Surf Camps who is providing the surfing lessons. "We feel very strongly about connecting women to the ocean."

The connection Hallahan hopes attendees will get comes during a 21?2 hour session beginning at the Seaside Cleanline Surf Shop where all attendees will be provided with a wet suit and surfboard for the day. Once equipment has been doled out to participants, they will carpool to a beach in either Seaside or Cannon Beach.

Lessons begin with beach yoga and on-land training before surfers hit the water.

"Women love the water, but Oregon is a tough place to learn to surf," said Hallahan. "It's not like Hawaii. It's not very welcoming here."

All of the instructors from NWWSC are certified lifeguards and Hallahan urges those who are not at least intermediate swimmers to stay on the beach this time around.

"A lot of the risk is taken out of learning to surf if you can swim well," said Hallahan.

Of greatest concern to Hallahan is that attendees have an enjoyable time at the beach learning to connect with the ocean and learning to respect it.

"It's so empowering for women and teachers to surf," said Hallahan. "It's also empowering on a personal level. It centers you."

For information, contact Hallahan at 440-5782 or e-mail (


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