Oregon had about 35,000 job vacancies this spring. That's about one vacancy for every four people who are unemployed.

One-in-four might sound like high odds. But that's better than the one vacancy for every 12 applicants job seekers experienced back in 2009 -- when the recession first hit.

State Employment Economist Jessica Nelson says Oregon's economy seems to be improving with vacancies in food preparation, farming, fishing and sales.

"We found a lot of vacancies in manufacturing as well. You know, this is the eighth straight month of job growth in May, so that's pretty strong growth recently," Nelson says.

Before the recession, in 2008, there was one job for every two people who were unemployed.

The latest numbers came out of the state's first spring report.

The Employment Department has decided to report on job vacancies four times a year, instead of just annually. The hope is to better match seasonal job openings with job training efforts.

This story originally appeared on Oregon Public Broadcasting.

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