Tillamook Bay Community College is partnering with private and other public entities in hopes of offering more training and education options to the local workforce.

"The college is working specifically with Hampton Affiliates, Stimson Lumber and the Tillamook School District to form a training facility at Tillamook High School that will provide industrial maintenance training for industry employees, lead to an apprenticeship or perhaps an associate's degree," said TBCC President Jon Carnahan.

By essentially becoming millwrights those who participate in the industrial maintenance program will be eligible to work in lumber mills, seafood processing plants and in other industrial settings, said Carnahan. "A lot of what they learn consists of crossover skills."

Those who enroll in the one-year certificate program will learn about electronics, blueprints, machine technology, troubleshooting, hydraulics, bearings and safety, among other things.

The college is in the process of applying to offer a two-year degree in industrial maintenance.

Meanwhile, TBCC is joining with Chemeketa Community College to offer the Salem college's Agribusiness Management Training program to local students.

The program offers training by professional agribusiness management specialists with dairy expertise in an effort to empower participants with an understanding of sound business management principles and practices through a focus on effective financial record keeping, analysis and interpretation, said Carnahan. "It's basically a small business program geared toward dairies. It helps students develop a business plan and marketing strategy, while teaching about risk management and wage and hour information."

While the program is based on Chemeketa's model, "students will receive classroom instruction at TBCC," said Carnahan. "A lot of it will be done out on the farms."

Carnahan hopes to see the program take shape by this spring and be up and running next fall.

To learn more about the industrial maintenance certificate, call TBCC at (503) 842-8222.

For more information, or to register, contact David Sunderland at (503) 589-7759 (dsunder1@chemeketa.edu), or Philip J. La Vine at (503) 399-5089 (lavp@chemeketa.edu).

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