Ten Terrific Tips for Teaching with The Daily Astorian

The following are just a few ideas for using the Daily Astorian newspaper in your classroom.

1. Writing

Read the youth feature in DA. Write a short story about an event in your life or your family life.

2. Discussion/Community

Find an article about an important topic in your area. Read and discuss: how does this topic impact our county, what are the personal affects you or your family might feel, what can you do about it?

3. Leadership

Find an article about a legislative issue. Read and discuss: how would you solve the problem if it were up to you, who would you need to contact to get more information on the topic, what committees would you need to solicit assistance or support from.

4. Critical thinking

Study an editorial. Underline facts in red and opinions in blue. Discuss with class the differences between fact and opinion. Discuss the issue -- does fact or opinion generate more discussion?

5. Just for Teacher

Prepare a newspaper activity kit of ideas for your substitute to use. It could save you someday, SPECIFICALLY STUDENTS!

6. Reading skills

Look through the Daily Astorian. Find words that you don't understand. Look up the definitions in a dictionary.

7. Social Studies

Find an article about a current event. Then write an essay on how it might effect history.

8. Career Planning

Look through the news section of the paper, finding the job titles of featured people. Check the help wanted section, are there any openings in this field? If so, what are the educational requirements? Would this be something you'd like to do? Write a story on what your life would be like in 10 years if you had this job.

9. Marketing/Sales

Design an advertisement to sell a piece of equipment you own (or want to own). Make a sales call on another student, explaining the features and benefits of the equipment. Did you make a sale?

10. Technology/Computers

Have each student choose a potential career from #8 (above). Research to find what computer skills are needed for this career. Determine what classes you'll need to take in high school and/or college to meet these requirements.


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