One glance outside can tell you that something happened, something did happen all right and it's not pretty. A hurricane -as some call it- hit the cities of Astoria, Warrenton, Seaside, and maybe others. The hurricane hit last week on Sunday 3rd, 2007 leaving the towns in a devastating period of no power and scarce of food and gas. Only households with gas had heat while others with electricity had only shivers from the cold especially at night when the temperatures dropped. The streets of cities were stripped of light and therefore no light had been shinning down pavements or sidewalks. Police cars and Medics were heard everyday, there sirens echoed down the dark streets.

What to do? Nothing, few people ran out of gas and couldn't get to work or even around downtown. Cars were parked on the sides of streets while the owners of those vehicles walked. Helpful people held out a helpful hand to those who needed help. A couple days into the period with no power, gas, and food, a rumor was spreading saying that only one gas station was open and that it was in Longview, Washington!

Then one dark cold night when the winds dropped some good news came, the Fred Meyers in Astoria had just opened up its store and gas station. Once the news spread like wild fire, the store was packed with citizens that were in need of imperishable food items and bottle water. Only limited of choices of food were available at Fred Meyers.

Schools of Astoria, such as the Astoria High School (AHS) and Astoria Middle School (AMS) were closed for a whole week, having lost a whole week that could've filled the students' minds with useful knowledge. Fortunately, the schools will once be open to teach the students of Astoria. Some students will complain while others will cheer. The only good thing that came out of the schools absence is the extra time to do homework that some students desperately needed time for.

Meanwhile -during the wind storm- work companies such as Coastal Rebilitation Services (CRS) in Warrenton had no power or heat. As a matter of fact, while they had no power or heat the Astoria area did have it except for internet access and TV. Eventually the internet access had access to and TV could be turned on with no complains that it didn't work.

At last, the hurricane past and its horrid winds followed after leaving trees in cars, on top of houses, and everywhere on streets. Citizens are now back in their cars, driving to their work and getting around downtown. Cords that broke are being fixed. The messes left by the strong winds are being cleared up and dangers of the roads are becoming safe once more. The order of Astoria are once back to normal and what's left of the hurricane is now a memory.